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As busy Americans, we have a lot to juggle with work, travel, relationships, future goals, community service and more. If you have been stressed, you aren’t alone. According to the American Psychology Association’s Annual Stress in America Survey, Americans stress levels are at an all-time high. You can tackle your stressors head on and start improving your overall wellbeing by beginning daily self-care practices.

In year’s past, self-care has had a materialistic reputation. Many people considered grooming or beauty regimens to be self-care. Today, self-care is as simple as it sounds. Anytime you do something for your health or wellbeing, you are completing an act of self-care.

By carving out a few minutes a day, you can reduce your stress. All you need is five minutes or less to begin your self-care rituals. Here is a list of 10 easy self-care activities you can test out:

  1. Deep breathing or meditation. There are many apps like Headspace meditation to take you through simple routines, or you can breathe deeply for two minutes by setting a timer and focusing on your breath.
  2. Water with lemon and ginger. The benefits of drinking water are endless, but sometimes you have to spice things up. Consider adding lemon and ginger to your water for an extra immune boost and stomach relief.
  3. Affirmations. Show yourself the love you deserve. Try writing out three personal affirmations on your mirror at the beginning of the week.
  4. Cryotherapy. Reenergize and reduce stress in less than three minutes with the healing powers of the low-temperature chambers. Made popular by professional athletes and medical professionals, cryo treatment is now available at many spas and fitness gyms.
  5. Stretch. Increase blood circulation and feel fewer aches and pains throughout the day by integrating a short stretch routine to your mornings.
  6. Find the Sun. If you work inside all day, find time to take a break and stand or walk outside. Let the sunshine hit your face.
  7. Cuddle with a Pet. You don’t need your own furbaby at home. Try visiting an animal shelter. Nothing says love then petting a kitten or getting kisses from a puppy.
  8. Stand. Sitting all day does nothing for your posture or your mood. Instead, test out a standing desk for a portion of your day or just stand up for a minute every couple of hours.
  9. Dance Party. Let the stress leave you by turning your music up loud and dancing like nobody’s watching! You can even try this on your commute home.
  10. Disconnect. Take a few minutes every day to walk away from your internet devices or entertainment sources. Make time to simply be for a minute or two.

You can make a difference in your daily life and start reducing your stress with simple, quick self-care techniques. If you want to feel healthier, you have the time to get started today. We can help you begin one of our favorite self-care technique by teaching you more about cryotherapy. You can learn more about our Atlanta-based cryotherapy services here. Not in the Atlanta-area? Click here to find a cryotherapy location near you!