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It started with an invitation to Richard Otto to see a cryosauna, where participants experience extreme cold for a short period – alas cryotherapy!

Richard first partnered with Bob Atwood to research every aspect of this cryotherapy opportunity, from technical to financial. But the key step was to see how it resonated with athletes. They took the prototype cryosauna to several prestigious venues and it was a big hit!
Next, they established a company, Impact Cryotherapy and brought Gene Guertin on board. They started the manufacturing process, Intellectual Property expansion and hired a sales leader, Chad Finnegan.
Even at this early stage, Richard and Bob envisioned Impact Cryotherapy would be the gold standard for cryotherapy. They organized and expanded Impact Cryotherapy to include a full-service team focused on manufacturing, business consulting, project management, installation, training, marketing and service and support.
The success of Impact Cryotherapy is noteworthy. In the short life of the company, Impact Cryotherapy has become the leading manufacturer and seller of cryosaunas in the US, having sold 360+ units in 39 states and 7 foreign countries. To learn more about who we are and what we stand for, check us out on social media.

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Our Mission

At Impact Cryotherapy we strive to support the growing lifestyle of whole body wellness by manufacturing the safest, highest-quality, cryosaunas in the industry. We are dedicated to growing and validating the cryotherapy market by helping new business owners develop a solid strategy, around a genuine need, with the proper tools. We build value for our employees by creating a positive-energy, wellness-focused work environment. We also build value for our customers by providing a comprehensive support staff at every phase of service; and for their customers by making the unique benefits of cryotherapy accessible throughout the nation.

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