Cryosauna: Insanely Cool

In perfect alignment

Sports Chiro + Cryo

Whole body cryotherapy is transforming the world of health and fitness. Sports Chiropractors and athletes alike swear by its natural healing properties.

“As a chiropractor for many athletes, my mission is to provide the highest quality, individualized treatment that yields the fastest results. Impact Cryotherapy can help accomplish this as a quick, comfortable and safe alternative to ice baths.”
- Dr. Troy Van Biezen, PGA Tour Chiropractor + Owner of Chiro Sport Specialists of Dallas, Dallas, TX.

Soothing Cryo Bath  

Add a cryosauna and make an impact in three key areas: your athletes, your treatment offerings, and your streams of revenue.

Align your business with Impact Cryotherapy, the premier business partner when choosing a cryosauna vendor.

My patients really enjoy the cryochamber. It's fast, effective and convenient to come in and have an injury treated, or flexibility work done, with access to an Impact cryochamber — all at one facility.”

- Dr. Xavier Cadena, Founder and Owner, Houston Flex, Houston, TX.

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