By now you know that regular exercise comes with a long list of benefits for your body and mind: reduced body fat, stronger bones, higher energy, reduced blood pressure, better sleep, and more — but with so many fitness offerings on the market today, it can be difficult to navigate the seemingly endless options to choose from. 

So, how do you know what the best fitness regime is for you?

While the answer is different for everyone, the reality is this — the best fitness plan is the one you’re willing to stick to. Here is a breakdown of the best fitness regimes and how to determine which is the right fit for you.

Traditional Gyms

For the seasoned exercise enthusiast, a gym can be a great place to carry out a fitness plan. If you’re motivated, disciplined, and know your way around a weight floor, then a traditional gym could be a great fit.

The Benefits
Most traditional gyms offer unlimited monthly memberships, giving you the freedom and flexibility to work out on your own schedule. With a large variety of equipment options to choose from, gyms give members the ability to pursue a well-rounded fitness regime. Some gyms offer amenities like pools, basketball courts, and more to give members a wide variety of fitness activities to choose from.

The Drawbacks
With no set schedule and the flexibility to come and go as you please, it can sometimes be difficult to stay committed to your routine. For those with limited fitness experience, a traditional gym can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes discouraging to newbies.

Boutique Fitness

If you’re looking for an intimate fitness setting, surrounded by people who share similar goals and interests, boutique fitness might be for you. From boxing to barre, yoga to spin, there’s something for everyone in the rapidly growing world of studio fitness. Some of the most popular boutique fitness offerings include Crossfit, Orange Theory, Pure Barre, and Soul Cycle.

The Benefits
Boutique fitness studios offer a smaller, more intimate class size and setting. With highly trained instructors leading clients every step of the way, members can receive the motivation they need to push their limits. If you’re someone who is motivated by guided instruction, thrives in a group setting, and is looking for a consistent and quality workout boutique fitness might be your best bet.

The Drawbacks
Be forewarned, the price you pay for more personalized attention and unique sweat sessions comes at a premium. Because boutique studios can only hold so many patrons per class, they often charge significantly more to keep their doors open. Be prepared to pay the price for this personalized service.

Fitness Apps and At-Home Workouts

Not a fan of group fitness? That’s okay! Get outside and take a brisk walk or hike, hop on a bike and go for a spin, or opt for the stairs over the elevators at work. There are plenty of ways to reach your fitness goals without a gym or studio membership.

The Benefits
If you’re on a budget, online classes and at-home workouts are a great option for you. Thanks to the growing popularity of fitness apps, you can get in a great workout at home for free. Some of the best workout apps (like Nike Training Club, Aaptiv, Couch to 5K, Fitness Buddy, and Yoga Studio) offer free exercise routines that are designed by fitness experts.  

The Drawbacks
Unless you have a home gym, you are likely to be a bit more limited in your equipment options. You also won’t have any trained fitness professionals nearby to monitor your movement and progress. And, unless you find a running buddy, these at home exercise regimens can get a little lonely.

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