Game Changer Cryotherapy is housed inside of a large clinical facility that offers physical therapy, personal training, custom orthotics, Pilates, and massage therapy located in the Atlanta Metro Area. We see everybody from teenage amateur athletes to professional athletes, weekend warriors, veterans, first responders and anyone else who wants to maintain an active lifestyle.

Tell me about your goals/vision for your business.

 We aim to not only spread knowledge about the numerous benefits of whole body cryotherapy (WBC), but also to offer our clients the most comfortable and beneficial experience.

Why the decision to add cryotherapy?

We decided to add cryotherapy to our therapeutic toolbox because after Impact Cryotherapy brought one of the cryotherapy saunas to our facility for a trial session, we were able experience the positive effects of WBC for ourselves. Given our client and patient base, we determined that WBC would be a valuable option for the benefit of their recovery and rehabilitation.

Why did you decide to partner with Impact Cryotherapy?

We chose to partner with Impact Cryotherapy because they were responsible for introducing the cryosauna to our company, they are conveniently based out of Atlanta and a U.S. manufacturer. Consequently, we knew maintenance for the unit would be easily accessible.

How has cryotherapy been received by customers?

Very cold. Our clientele received the introduction of cryotherapy in our facility very well. Many of them have reported that WBC is making a huge impact on their overall daily function as well as relieving their aches and pains.

How do you promote the cryotherapy?

We mainly utilize social media outlets to market our cryotherapy services in addition to word-of-mouth from satisfied consumers. We are in the process of acquiring partnerships with local athletic teams to further expand our marketing and client base.

We also give our staff a session/week and a heavy discount on a second session, to encourage use and familiarity. Since we see about 1,000 PT session/month, it’s important for our staff to understand and believe in the value of WBC.

Why do your clients utilize cryotherapy?

The top reasons why our clients take advantage of cryotherapy are:

  1. Recover from training
  2. Pain relief
  3. Health and wellness