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Cryotherapy + Pokémon Go: What’s Their Commonality?

You’re probably wondering what cryotherapy and Pokémon Go could possibly have in common. One word. Millennials.

When it comes to technology, millennials are early adopters. They love new gadgets, new games, and anything that helps them cross things off of their to do list – fast. Pokémon Go is the perfect way to lure (you can LITERALLY bring them in with a lure…) these young folks into your cryo location. Once they see the super cool, futuristic cryosauna hanging out in your shop AND they find out that it’s a wellness tool (millennials are all about whole body well-being) that can be utilized in 3 MINUTES or LESS… they’re going to want to have a session.

So how do you go about getting Poké players into your shop? There’s a few ways you can go about it:

  • Activate the game and drop a lure

    What is a lure?! A lure is a purchasable feature within the game that attracts numerous Pokémon to a specific location. This lure feature costs $0.60 to utilize and it lasts for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, in order to use a lure, you must be a player of the game, however, there are no specific rules as to who can and cannot use this feature. Basically, you can activate the game and immediately drop a lure… without actually catching any Pokémon.

  • Make sure your location is player friendly

    Do you have wifi that visitors can use? Do you have an area where visitors can charge their device i.e. a charging station? Have you made it KNOWN that you have both wifi and a charging station? Players are bound to suck both their data AND batteries dry with this game… so having wifi and charging locations available for your consumers is a sure fire way to get people into your location…as long as its publicly advertised!

  • Find the Pokémon at your location and share away!

    Go ahead and download the game and then identify the Pokémon in your space. Use the camera feature in the game to capture an image of the little monster. Then, showcase this image all over your social media platforms! Once people know that certain Pokémon are lurking at your location… they’ll be sure to stop by and catch them AND do cryo session!

Be sure to keep tabs on Pokémon Go updates because Nintendo may eventually allow companies to pay to become a PokéStop… which would be huge!
You may even find that you attract more than just millennial Poké players to your shop. Users of all ages are playing the game which means more people are getting out and moving. More moving means tired and sore legs… so cryo is the PERFECT reboot for players! #DoCryoCatchThemAll


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