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Cryosaunas & Cryo Chambers: The Naked Truth

It’s been said when participants undergo a cryotherapy session in a cryosauna, the cryo-user is not experiencing WHOLE body cryotherapy. In fact, some people claim cryotherapy in a cryosauna is partial body cryotherapy and cryotherapy in a chamber is whole body cryotherapy. The fact of the matter is, whether you chill out in a cryosauna or a cryotherapy chamber – you are experiencing whole body cryotherapy.

There are few differences between a cryosauna and a cryo chamber. A cryosauna maintains the participant’s head outside the cryo machine during the session. The cryo-user is exposed to the nitrogen vapor from only the neck down (hands are covered by gloves and feet are covered by socks and boots).

A cryotherapy chamber is similiar to a walk-in freezer. It is a room that exposes the entire body to the cold temperatures. The cryo-user steps into the chamber wearing a respiratory mask, socks, boots, gloves, undergarments and a headband .

Cryosauna vs. Cryo Chamber

Cryosaunas and Cryo Chambers: Testing Both

So, if a cryosauna does not expose the entire body to the cold temperatures like the cryo chamber… doesn’t that classify cryosauna cryotherapy as partial body…? It does not. The cold from the Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna creates a whole-body response. Whole body response = WHOLE BODY CRYOTHERAPY.

If both cryotherapy machines allow users to experience a full body freeze, how do you decide which  to use? It’s your preference. You can stand inside a freezing cold room…with strangers…without anyone talking you through your session. OR, you can stand inside an octagonal cryo machine with your head safely outside of the unit while a friendly cryo-tech chats with you during session.

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