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What You Need To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Cryotherapy Chamber

All cryo chambers are not created equal. From technology to manufacturing, there are a number of factors that separate cryo chambers from one another. Do you know how to pick the one that’s the best match for your business?

Before you purchase a cryo chamber, there are a few, essential things to consider if you want to ensure you’re purchasing the cryotherapy machine that’s right for you. Here are the questions you should ask yourself before getting started:

1. Where is the cryotherapy equipment made?  

Where your cryo chamber is manufactured says a lot about the quality of the product and the ongoing service. Do you know where the product you’re considering is built and assembled? Asking this question first could give you peace of mind about quality, but also help you better understand the level of ongoing service and support you will be receiving. Many cryo chamber owners prefer working with cryotherapy machine manufacturers that provide 24/7 access to a US-based service and support team.  

2. Are you getting help with nitrogen gas relations?

Most cryotherapy machines require a nitrogen gas hook-up, but not every cryosauna manufacturer offers verified nitrogen gas partners to help you get started. Whether or not you’re already using nitrogen services or you have no idea where to get started, it’s imperative that you work with a partner that knows how to optimize the machine you’re planning on purchasing.

3. Does your cryotherapy machine manufacturer provide equipment training and certification?

When purchasing a cryo chamber you and your team need to be properly certified to operate and maintain them. Also, your cryo chamber purchase should include training on how to properly use and operate the machines. Preferably, you want in-person training with your staff. That way, you can rest easy knowing your clients are benefitting from the best services on the market.

Conclusion: Before purchasing, vet your potential cryotherapy manufacturer by asking who they’ve worked for in the past. If you see some crossover in their past partners and your goals for the future, they’re probably a good cryotherapy partner.

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