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“Cryotherapy is a much needed evolution of ice baths or ice packs. Physical Therapists have used various thermal modalities for decades. However, the Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna allows us the ability to implement a modern, leading-edge technology. In addition, cryotherapy helps to keep us unique and relevant in a highly competitive market. Finally, in the ever-changing landscape of health insurance, and diminishing reimbursement, cryotherapy is an attractive cash-based service for our clinics.” Dr. Steve Hatfield, DPT, Elite Sports Medicine

The addition of Impact’s elite cryosauna to your sports chiropractic business or physical therapy practice will empower expansion and innovation; providing you and your clientele with the most efficient tools to sharpen your competitive edge.

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Enhance your athletes’ natural healing process — in just 3 minutes.

An invigorating, three-minute cryotherapy session promotes tangible, natural healing. Using cold temperatures to support natural wellness, Impact Cryosaunas provide whole body cryotherapy as a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths and other cold therapies. The cryosaunas fill with controlled nitrogen vapor and a dry chill that drops the ambient temperature to a range of -90 Celsius (-130ºF) to -120 Celsius (-184ºF).

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Tune into the Cool Cast to hear from Dr. Troy Van Biezen about how cryotherapy is beneficial for athletes.

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In recent years, cryotherapy machines have been studied and used in an effort to treat inflammation and enhance recovery amongst general population clients and athletes alike.  As of recently, there have been noted very possible benefits of the modality not just for rehabilitative and preventative use, but also for enhanced performance in the training room and on sports fields – tune in to hear from Dr. Melvin Deese about the modern evolution of cold therapy.

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