Cryotherapy – Spa Owner, Donna Garrett Shares Her Story

Tell us about your business ‚Äď the location, clientele, brief history of what‚Äôs been offered to customers in the past.

My business is located in Tucson, AZ, in a strip center with my own parking spaces.  I chose this location because I felt like it would be convenient for my clients to get in and out of, if say, they were on a lunch break or just running errands for the day.

I love my clients!¬† They are very sweet and caring people.¬† They are always interested in what is going on with me¬†in my life, and vice versa.¬† I have a client that just beat a world record in weightlifting and won a gold medal.¬† His arms were so large, he couldn’t fit in our normal robes, so we went to a big and tall store and bought a robe that would fit him.¬† I came in to cryo him before his competition, even though I was closed.¬† I have patients with Fibromyalgia, volleyball players, rugby players and just normal people who, like myself, “used to” live in constant pain.

Tell us about your goals/vision for your business.

I would like to eventually offer other treatment options to go with cryotherapy.  I think a portable cryo machine for spot treatments and facials would be a great addition.  I only have 900 sq ft, so that would probably be the best option for this location.  My hope is to one day open at least one other location, and maybe even franchise at some point, but I would be happy with a second location.

Why the decision to add cryotherapy?

Well, I am not only the owner but also a client.  I was lucky enough to have a husband that follows sports, where he first heard about cryotherapy.  He had stated that he wished he could find a place for me to try out cryo because he hoped that it would help me with my pain as I refuse to take opioids for pain relief. I have had a large herniation in my back, a bulging disk in my neck, arthritis, and sciatic nerve pain.  My quality of life was non-existent before cryotherapy. Cryotherapy gave me my life back, and I wanted to help others get theirs back as well.

Why did you decide to partner with Impact Cryotherapy?

That is an easy question for me Р[their machine] is made in the USA!  My Impact representative, Evan Hugall, was so instrumental in helping me along the way.  He answered all my questions and really made Impact such an easy choice.  You can tell that he really cares about his clientele.

Why do your clients utilize cryotherapy?

Mostly for the same reason I do Рto get relief from pain.  However, I do have some clients that utilize cryo for the beauty aspects such as increased collagen production and reduced cellulite.  I have personally lost 20 pounds using cryotherapy, and that has been an enticing benefit to some of my clients.

If you’re looking to open your own cryotherapy¬†studio or add it to your existing services, get in touch with our team today!