Dr. David Lipman is a Chiropractic Physician with 30 years of experience. After practicing in New York and Connecticut, his practice is now based in Boca Raton, FL.

We sat down with Dr. Lipman to learn more about how cryotherapy has helped transform his business – ready to dive in?

The Cryo Suite Vision

My industry is typically based on a third-party payor model which has become increasingly difficult to thrive in since health insurance moved to a managed care model in the mid 90’s. When I opened in South Florida, I had to develop a cash-based model and offer services not typically covered by insurance, along with a quality of care that couldn’t be offered in a typical insurance pay model.

I always seek cutting edge therapies that complement the hands-on services provided as a Chiropractic Physician. I focus on therapies that tap into the body’s own recuperative power, such as Class IV Deep Tissue laser, whole body vibration and inversion as well as provide consistent cash flow. Fortunately, I live and work with a demographic inclined to invest in their health. In fact, most customers who try cryotherapy in my office become regular customers and refer their friends and family.

We chose a mobile unit business model since there are many fitness centers, health fairs and sporting events in our area. The vision is to add additional mobile units and expand to other regions with similar demographics.

Adding Cryotherapy to the Business Model

Personally, I am 56 yrs old and have been managing many injuries since I was young. Whole body cryotherapy adds a significant dimension to my recovery from intense exercise and provides a way to be pain-free and functional despite my labor-intensive lifestyle. It has become a staple.

I also find it enables me to help patients out of pain. When inflammation is mitigated in the body, in a non-invasive 3-minute treatment, recovery is greatly sped up and ultimately provides faster results.

Additionally, my cousin tried whole body cryotherapy and found it manages her chronic knee pain. We went into this business together, which we enjoy, since our fathers had been in business together.

Partnering with Impact Cryotherapy

I was first exposed to whole body cryotherapy when I flew to New York to try a unit advertised online. Afterward, I searched locally in South Florida to see if anyone offered it. I tried a session at another local chiropractor. The experience was nothing like the initial session in Manhattan. I realized immediately there is more than one company offering a cryotherapy chamber. I tried many models as if I was going to invest. However, I had not experienced the effects like the first unit. The biggest difference was most units did not provide a consistent cooling of the upper and lower body, and those that did, cooled mostly in the leg area. When I tried the Impact unit, it offered the biggest mass of cooled air that uniformly cools the body while maintaining cold temperatures for the duration of the session. For me, Impact offered the best effect and therefore, the best client experience.

Cryotherapy for the Customer Base

My clientele range from mid-teens to mid-60’s who exercise on a regular basis for health and wellness, or compete in events such as CrossFit, weight lifting, marathons, triathlons, Spartan races, tennis and golf.Initially, patients and clients do whole body cryotherapy for after exercise. We also have customers that say it provides them mood rejuvenation and a general sense of well-being.