My name is Dr. Xavier Cadena, Founder and Owner of Houston Flex, in Houston. I’ve been practicing for more than 13 years as a certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner. My practice strongly emphasizes soft tissue treatments and flexibility. Our approach is to produce fast and efficient results for high-end athletes. The soft tissue techniques utilized in our office are Active Release, Graston and Muscle Activation. The flexibility techniques are Stretch Zone and Stretch to Win. We use these methods to reduce the chance of injury, for faster recovery and to help achieve peak performance. Offering these two methods, with advanced training in extremities, attracts professional athletes from every arena to my facility.

Tell me about your goals/vision for your business.

My goal is to franchise Houston Flex because the techniques I offer combined with Impact cryotherapy are what serious athletes seek out.

Why the decision to add cryotherapy?

I added Impact Cryotherapy to my practice because it goes hand-in-hand with my existing practice and the techniques I provide. Our existing methods combined with Impact Cryotherapy, and NormaTec, help facilitate recovery process and achieve “Better Performance, Fewer Injuries & Faster Recovery” — our objective with every athlete and patient. We are very proud to say we are the first practice of this kind in Houston to offer these methods and techniques at one facility.

Why did you decide to partner with Impact Cryotherapy?

I chose Impact Cryotherapy because after doing my research, I knew that it was the only way to go.

How has cryotherapy been received by customers?

My patients really enjoy the cryochamber. It’s fast, effective and convenient to come in and have an injury treated, or flexibility work done, with access to the cryochamber — all at one facility.

How do you promote the cryotherapy?

I promote my Impact cryosauna on my Facebook business page and every existing patient gets a tour of my cryoroom.

Why do your clients utilize cryotherapy?

The basis of my practice since day one has been “Better Performance, Fewer Injuries and Faster Recovery”. That is why my patients use Impact Cryotherapy.