Tune in as Impact Cryotherapy’s Sr. Sales Executive, Evan Hugall, chats with teams from Sea Island and Ponte Vedra to discuss how offering cryotherapy to their members and guests helps grow their business.

About Sea Island Resort and Spa:
An exceptional destination appealing to those who appreciate gracious service and heartfelt hospitality, Sea Island is the home of two of the top five resorts and one of the top five hotel spas in the Continental U.S., according to Travel + Leisure’s 2013 and 2014 World’s Best Awards. With four Forbes Five-Star experiences – The Cloister at Sea Island, The Lodge at Sea Island Golf Club, The Spa at Sea Island and the Georgian Room restaurant – and an extensive array of engaging nature adventures and recreational experiences, Sea Island entices families, outdoor and activity enthusiasts, and those simply wanting to refresh and recharge. It is the leading resort in the world to have received four Forbes Five-Star awards for seven consecutive years. Located on the southeastern coast of Georgia, Sea Island features five miles of private beach, a Beach Club, tennis and squash centers, Yacht Club, Shooting School and Camp Cloister. Well known as a family resort, Sea Island is steeped in golf tradition and is home to three championship golf courses, including Seaside, site of the PGA Tour’s McGladrey Classic, as well as the nation’s finest Golf Performance Center. Guests may also enjoy nearby Broadfield, a Sea Island Sporting Club and Lodge, offering a variety of seasonal hunting, fishing, sporting and organic culinary opportunities. Renowned for its hospitality, Sea Island has been creating life-long traditions for discerning travelers and offering real estate ownership opportunities since 1928.

About Ponte Vedra Inn and Club:
A grand hotel with a storied pedigree, the AAA Five-Diamond rated Ponte Vedra Inn & Club brings to mind images of quiet opulence, grace, stateliness and history. Located on a sprawling beachfront site in northeast Florida, the historic Inn has offered a world of upscale oceanfront accommodations paired with fine service and a wide array of leisure pursuits year-round since its opening in 1928.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Ella Kent, Spa Director at Sea Island, explains why her team decided to implement cryotherapy at the spa and resort. “We have a highly discerning guest and member profile, including elite golfers, and they’re looking for a couple things – they want to play better, have better performance and then they want to recover from whatever’s bothering them faster.  You know, training can address how to play harder and you can recover somewhat faster with massage and some other body therapies, but what else is out there to give people an edge? And when I met with the co-founders of Impact Cryotherapy, it was like, ‘Wow, that’s that one thing that could appeal to both populations‘ And indeed, we’ve found that it has. So the twin purposes of recovery and performance are the things that really drive the need here at Sea Island.” “We have five trainers here and this has really helped enhance everyone’s experience, not just the golf community.  People are coming over everyday use to utilize cryotherapy.”
  • For hotel guests at Sea Island, cryotherapy is a family affair. “If guests are traveling in groups like families if one person gets it and does cryotherapy then everybody in the family has to do it – and they’re all watching. It’s fun. “
  • At Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, the spa is open to the public – therefore so is cryotherapy. “We have definitely gained memberships. We’ve started selling unlimited memberships and a lot of packages that we’ve been selling and repeat clientele, and a lot of our clientele are coming from our member base as well as our resort guests, too.  =Most people end up signing up for packages if not doing unlimited package once they try to use it one time, they pretty much become addicted to it and they love it. And they’re starting to tell all their friends, so the business is growing a lot,” comments Ponte Vedra’s Spa Director, Melissa Deese.
  • Cryotherapy has helped bridge the gap between the spa offerings and fitness offerings at Ponte Vedra Inn and Club. “It’s something new and upcoming, cryotherapy, I know it’s something that our owner had brought to us of, kinda, looking into and it has definitely been well received, the wellness portion of it. So we kinda didn’t have a lot. I mean, we had the wellness and just our spa services so this is that one extra element that we get to add to our many services we have that we were kind of missing. So now people can do the cryotherapy and then enjoy the rest of the spa.”

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