Cryosauna: Insanely Cool

What does -200° feel like?

The future of business.

Cryotherapy is transforming the world of wellness and fitness. Pro athletes trust it, celebrities love it and chiropractors recommend it. And nothing promotes natural healing like it.

Cryotherapy doesn’t just rejuvenate the body. It can reinvigorate your business.

Soothing Cryo Bath

Demand for the cryo experience is growing exponentially. The time is now for entrepreneurs and professionals in the fitness and wellness space to join in this expandable, sustainable, lucrative business opportunity.

Impact Cryotherapy is the industry-leading full-service manufacturer and supplier of whole-body cryosaunas, equipment and accessories. We offer end-to-end solutions to launch your business and position you for success — from local regulatory approval and facility installation to business strategy and technical support.

Partner with Impact Cryotherapy to take the first — and only — step you’ll need to move into the future of wellness.

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