Looking to add a cryotherapy machine to your company’s offerings? Check out these 4 ways cryotherapy can make a positive impact on the growth of your small business!

Cryotherapy Machines Convert a 10×10 Space to into a Revenue-generating Room
The Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna has a small footprint, operates on standard 110v, 60Hz power and has an affordable cost-per-session — meaning it can transform a small HVAC closet into a money-making powerhouse.

Cryo Provides a Unique + Exciting Experience
The initial chill of whole body cryotherapy is exhilarating – it’s comfortable cold that wakes up the body. The thrill of the chill combined with the drama of the swirling vapor generated by the cryotherapy machine creates the memorable cold therapy experience your clients seek.

Sessions Only Take 3-minutes
The cryotherapy session turn-around time is fast, therefore you can see more clients! More clients = more revenue.

Wellness is Hot Right Now
Take one look at social media and you’ll see that health + wellness is “in”. According to a 2017 article published in SELF about the booming wellness industry, being well is the new wealthy. By adding cryotherapy to your business’ list of offerings, you give customers access to a trendy wellness experience.

For more information on adding cryotherapy to an existing business, or building a cryotherapy store, connect with our team of experts!