Cryotherapy temperatures have everyone shivering (by design) – but how cold is too cold?

Cryotherapy temperatures 101: We all know that cryo is cold – but just how cold does a cryotherapy session get?

“True” cryotherapy temperatures range between -90 degrees Celsius and -120 degrees Celsius – therefore the Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna is designed to produce sessions within that range.

Many other cryotherapy machines boast temperatures much lower than -120 degrees Celsius, however, your cryotherapy session is not actually hitting these extreme temps. These machines are simply displaying the temperature that is reached when the nitrogen gas, the cooling agent, hits the cryosauna – instead of displaying the temperature of the cryosauna cabin, where you are standing.

The Impact Cryosauna has 3 cryotherapy session levels with different temperatures for user comfort:

  • Level 1: -90 degrees Celsius
  • Level 2: -110 degrees Celsius
  • Level 3: -120 degrees Celsius

Each session produces cryosauna cabin temperatures at the respective level that was selected, therefore when you chill out on a level 1, you are truly standing in temperatures at -90 degrees Celsius – cool, right?

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