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How to Shop for a Cryosauna

Although the cryosauna market is relatively small, there are a few systems to consider. To start a cryotherapy business, it’s important to do your research. It is recommended to use this Pre-Shopping Checklist when you directly contact cryosauna operators, to fully understand their experience with the equipment. Your new business partner should be able to answer these questions to help set you up for success!

  • Do you manufacture your equipment and/or are the distributor of your equipment?
    • Is there a U.S. corporate office for the manufacturer?
    • Can I visit the facility?
    • How soon can I receive replacement parts if the cryosauna is not manufactured in the U.S.?
  • Where are the cryosaunas built?
  • May I connect with your Medical Director?
Delivery and Service
  • How soon would I receive the cryosauna?
  • Do you have a USA-based, factory trained service team?
    • How many are on staff?
    • Do you have service references?
    • For parts or service, who do I call?
      • Is there weekend availability to your service team and how can I contact them?
      • Please share references.
  • Do you provide project managers and a support team to assist during build out and launch of my business/project?
  • Who manages my account long term?
  • Do you have a resource to help communicate with and educate fire marshals and other city regulatory agencies? Please share an example.
Equipment Functionality
  • What are the power requirements for the cryosauna?
  • Does the cryosauna have downtime, a dry-out period or daily maintenance that affects continuous use of the sauna?
  • How many sessions can I get out of a standard 230L LN2 cylinder?
  • Where are the temperatures measured?
  • Can the cryosauna be used in a mobile unit?
  • Does your company provide accessories that come with the cryosauna, such as a wired 02 sensor, insulated hoses, robes, shoes, etc.?
  • Does your cryosauna have smart technology to accurately communicate with the nitrogen cylinders?
    • How does your cryosauna prevent unattended use?
  • Do you provide software updates? If so, is there a charge for them?
  • Does the sauna have an electrical lift? If so, could it creative service issues?
  • Is the warranty administered by the manufacturer or a third party?
    • What is included in the warranty?
    • Are there charges for travel and time for a tech to be onsite?
Gas Supply
  • Have you created innovative strategies for gas supply?
  • Which gas suppliers do you recommend?
  • Do you have national gas account relationships? Do you have national competitive pricing?
  • Do you provide on-site training? If so, for how long are you onsite?
  • What does your training program look like and how do you assist with training new staff members?

It is recommended to directly contact the cryosauna operators to understand their experience with the equipment.

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