iNFUSION is a wellness business founded in January 2016 specializing in whole body cryotherapy, MLS Laser Therapy and IV Vitamin Therapy. With the goal to decrease pain in a safe, holistic way, chiropractic physicians Darren and Karol Woodling added iNFUSION to complement their existing businesses, Harmony Wellness and Rehab (Montgomery, Ala.) and Woodling Chiropractic and Wellness Center (Troy, Ala.), which concentrate on chiropractic care and physical therapy. We are always looking for new and alternative treatments.

Tell me about your goals/vision for your business.

iNFUSION’s goal is to focus on alternative ways to help patients live pain free and enjoy healthy lifestyles without the use of drugs or surgery. Today patients seek alternative methods to facilitate a healthier lifestyle. They no longer reach for prescription drugs first, but are open to the beneficial effects that supplements and integrative medicine offer.

Why the decision to add cryotherapy?

We at iNFUSION are passionate about educating patients and assisting them to live a healthy, pain-free life — and cryotherapy is at the forefront. We have seen incredible results with our patients.

Why did you decide to partner with Impact Cryotherapy?

Impact Cryosaunas have made a huge difference in the way iNFUSION’s customers experience cryotherapy. The friendly staff and knowledgeable sales reps led us to understand that Impact was the perfect fit for both facilities. The design and quality of Impact’s units are exceptional, making it an easy point of sale for our customers.

How has cryotherapy been received by customers?

iNFUSION sees a wide variety of clients, from athletes (high school, college, and former NFL), to autoimmune patients, arthritic patients and more. The communities of Montgomery and Troy embraced the businesses and have been instrumental in promoting cryotherapy. When you see your best friend or someone influential in the community start to feel better, walk better, and have a different outlook on life, it makes a huge impact on others. Cryotherapy does that for our patients. It has been amazing to see.

How do you promote the cryotherapy?

Our promotion is primarily through word of mouth.  We also use print, talk radio, and television to promote our cryotherapy businesses.