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Elite athletes to weekend warriors look for advanced wellness experiences. The Impact Cryotherapy high-tech cryo chamber, with its 3-minute sessions, gets them in the door — and you in business. Read a real customer story. 
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Sports & Fitness

Say goodbye to ice baths. Collegiate and professional teams incorporate Impact Cryotherapy cryotherapy chambers into their training rooms for safe, consistent 3-minute sessions of whole body cryotherapy. Read a real customer story.
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Physical Therapists & Chiropractors

Enhance your wellness offerings for your clients with the Impact Cryotherapy cryo chamber. With its small footprint and 3-minute sessions, it’s the ultimate revenue producer for your practice. Read a real customer story.
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Cryoshift Franchise

Be part of the next shift in wellness by becoming a Cryoshift Cryotherapy franchise owner or Area Representative.
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International Opportunities

Looking to launch a cryotherapy project outside of the United States? We can help!
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