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Kyle Jones, Chief Operating Officer, iCRYO


Why did you get into the cryotherapy business? What attracted you?

I worked as a Physical therapy tech, at the time, gaining hours for PT school. At the clinic, we bought two cryo machines, so it sort of landed in my lap. I researched cryotherapy a bit more and fell in love with the industry. I was fascinated by the treatment and knew immediately that running a cryo business was what I wanted to do. Instead of going back to school to become a physical therapist, I wrote up a business plan and opened my first facility in League City, Texas.

Why did you partner with Impact Cryotherapy?

The former company I was working for did not have an Impact machine. When I started writing the business plan for iCryo, I knew there had to be other machines on the market and started to do research. I came across the Impact Cryotherapy website and gave you guys a call. Going into this business venture, I wanted to establish a partnership for longevity and every store I opened I would stay with the same manufacturer. I flew out Atlanta to meet Chad and Richard to make sure the machines were “second to none”, the best on the market. I was quickly impressed with the corporate staff and the functionality of the Impact cryosaunas. It was far more advanced than any other machine on the market and was an easy decision to make the partnership official. Great business is all about timing! Meeting with the right people at the right time, with the same vision, can turn into something life-changing – that’s what I saw with iCryo and Impact moving forward.

How has Impact helped grow your business?

Impact has been amazing to help iCryo grow and thrive. They do an amazing job of educating owners and potential owners about the turnkey system in place and the safety training and protocols that iCryo lives by.

When you decided to add your 2nd location/grow your company, how did you know the time was right? What factors did you consider?

After just a few of months of launching the first location, we needed to branch out and start to find a way to open future stores. The market was wide open and needed to be capitalized on ASAP before someone else did. Within a few months, we launched our expansion program into a Licensing Agreement for potential cryotherapy business owners.

How does your company give back to the Houston community?

We do an insane amount of package giveaways and discounts to the local businesses in the community. We donate a lot of time to local races, events, etc. to set up tables and provide the community with education. The biggest challenge with the cryo community is lack of education. That’s where we focus our time, to drive business

How does it feel to help be a small business owner, helping to grow your local economy in the US?

I love being in business for myself, owning a small business. I interact with clients daily, which is such a rewarding experience. I got into this business to help people so being able to do that every single day is what keeps me going.

We literally change lives with cryotherapy. That’s the most important thing to remember in this industry. Being able to open more stores and get others involved in the iCryo business model allows for an extension of my passion for helping others. The farther we can branch out iCryo, the more people we help with this amazing therapy.

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