Cryotherapy: How to Generate Revenue in a Closet-Sized Space

Bigger space, more clients. Right? Not necessarily. From chiropractic offices and physical therapy practices to any business in the health and wellness space, cryotherapy can compliment any health and wellness routine, making it attractive to businesses who are looking to drive additional revenue and upsell their offerings. And the best part? Businesses don’t have to

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Recovery: The Financial Opportunity Gyms Are Not Capitalizing on

The health and wellness industry has gone through an incredible reset recently, transitioning to centralize around one thing: post-workout recovery. Gone are the days of tanning beds filling up every corner of gyms and wellness centers — which is a good thing since studies show that tanning can increase your risk for skin cancer by

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3 Steps to Complete Before You Finance Your Cryotherapy Machine

So you’re ready to dive into the business of cryotherapy with an Impact Cryotherapy machine — what are the next steps? After the initial research phase, you’re probably thinking your next steps are to meet with a lender, but there a few things to check out before you sign on the dotted line. Ready to get started? Find

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4 Impact Cryotherapy Service Offerings You’ll Want To Know About

When it comes to providing great service, we believe in one simple rule: Go above and beyond for happy customers. That’s exactly why each of our Impact Cryotherapy machines comes with more than just a how-to manual: Our clients get the full support of the Impact Cryotherapy team to help with everything from installation, training,

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