4 Impact Cryotherapy Service Offerings You’ll Want To Know About

When it comes to providing great service, we believe in one simple rule: Go above and beyond for happy customers. That’s exactly why each of our Impact Cryotherapy machines comes with more than just a how-to manual: Our clients get the full support of the Impact Cryotherapy team to help with everything from installation, training,

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How to Launch a Cryotherapy Business in 30 days

You’ve done your research, you’ve tried it out yourself, and now you’ve made a revolutionary decision: You’re going to bring cryotherapy to your clients. With cryotherapy rising as one of the leading new modalities in the world of fitness and wellness, it’s a great time to be getting involved with the cold therapy technique that’s

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Interested in Intermittent Fasting? Here’s What You Need To Know Before You Try It.

You’ve probably heard some chatter about it while waiting for your morning coffee, or in line at the grocery store. But no matter where you came in contact with it, people are seriously into intermittent fasting. Just like most health trends, there’s a lot to learn about fasting, with misconceptions about its benefits and potential

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Why Is Cold Better Than Hot?

There are many reasons to be excited for colder temperatures as we head into autumn: sweater weather, colorful leaves, drinking coffee without breaking a sweat. And while we’ve got a personal preference for cold (go figure!), there are also many scientific reasons that cold is better than hot. And it’s not just about whether you

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