Atlanta Business RadioX ft. Impact Cryotherapy

Spend 20-minutes with Chad Finnegan, VP of Business Development, Impact Cryotherapy, and the Business RadioX team learning about cryotherapy – it’s benefits, business opportunities and what’s next for Impact Cryotherapy.

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Ep. 1: Business Smarts: Why the Tanning Industry Needs Cryotherapy

Tune in as Impact Cryotherapy’s VP, Business Development, Chad Finnegan, chats with tanning industry expert, Rachel Ballman, Owner, Bronze Baxx Tanning Studios and Cool City Cryo. This episode is sponsored by Geneva Capital. Geneva Capital is a full-service provider of equipment financing. Ready to add cryotherapy to your tanning studio? Contact us to get started!

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MLB Player Shares Personal Cryo Testimonial

Impact Cryotherapy customer, CryoShield owner and Chicago White Sox Pitcher, James Shields, shares his thoughts on cryotherapy, Impact Cryotherapy and owning a wellness business. Interested in purchasing a cryosauna for your business or team?

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WATCH: The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs Use Impact Cryo

Matt Hasselbeck goes ‘Behind the Teams’ and visits the Kansas City Chiefs’ facility, including an inside look at the cryotherapy treatments and hops in the chamber to test out -200 degree temperatures. Ready to add the evolution of cold therapy to your facility? Click Here to Get Started  

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