What’s Included with Your Impact Cryotherapy Cryo Chamber

Capitalizing on your cryotherapy business opportunity comes down to knowing what you’re getting and how to optimize it. With Impact, we deliver more than just a machine — we include partnerships, machine operation training and certification, marketing materials, and more so that you are prepared for revenue growth from the very moment you sign the sales

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What You Need To Ask Yourself Before Purchasing a Cryotherapy Chamber

All cryo chambers are not created equal. From technology to manufacturing, there are a number of factors that separate cryo chambers from one another. Do you know how to pick the one that’s the best match for your business? Before you purchase a cryo chamber, there are a few, essential things to consider if you

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The Future Adjustment Podcast: Cryotherapy + Chiropractic

Recently, cryotherapy has been emerging as a popular modality for doctors of chiropractic. In episode 26 of “The Future Adjustment-Chiropractic Economics Podcast”, host Daniel Sosnoski, editor in chief of chiropractic economics, sits down with Impact Cryotherapy’s Chad Finnegan to discuss cryotherapy’s role in the world of chiropractic. Highlights from this episode: Cryotherapy – what is it? Simply

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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy: the ultimate chill. Whether you’ve been reading up about cryotherapy and its benefits in fitness and wellness magazines or you’re just getting acquainted with the latest buzzword in the lifestyle and workout recovery world, we’ve got some fun facts that will pack an icy punch. From the history of cryotherapy to the people who

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