Cryotherapy for Recovery as Told by Celeb Trainer, Aaron Ferguson

Celebrity personal trainer and athlete, Aaron Ferguson, who is known for his work with Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, is an avid whole body cryotherapy user. It his opinion that cryotherapy is the most efficient form of workout recovery. When time allows, he prefers to utilize a combination of cryotherapy, powered by Impact, and

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Ask Impact: Cryotherapy for Wellness Centers?

At Impact, we want to answer your most important questions — or just give you a little insight into things you’re curious about. To get your question answered, fill out our contact form. To read one of our latest, check out our question below. Hey Impact, I’ve got wellness center in Atlanta, and we’ve been really

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4 Things You’ll Learn About Cryotherapy Because Joe Rogan Loves It More Than Anyone

The man, the myth, the legend: Joe Rogan. If you’ve ever watched his interviews or listened to his podcasts, you know one thing: Joe Rogan loves cryotherapy. And the best part is, he loves it in a way that makes it educational for all of us. Here’s a short list of the four things that

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Ice, Ice Baby: The History of Cryotherapy

With all the buzz surrounding cryotherapy in the fitness and wellness world, you’d think that cryotherapy was a modern invention and that humans have only just discovered the benefits of chilly, cold immersion therapy. But the truth is, the application of cold and ice first came to us thousands of years ago when the Egyptians

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