How to Shop for a Cryosauna

Although the cryosauna market is relatively small, there are a few systems to consider. To start a cryotherapy business, it’s important to do your research. It is recommended to use this Pre-Shopping Checklist when you directly contact cryosauna operators, to fully understand their experience with the equipment. Your new business partner should be able to

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2017’s Top Wellness Trends

The new year brings new trends, but don’t worry, you’ll find that several 2016 favorites remain at the top in the world of wellness. HIIT Aka “high-intensity interval training,” which has been a popular workout in recent years, will take the stage once again 2017. This style if workout is appealing because it requires no

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Top 10 Cryotherapy Stories of 2016

We’ve picked out what we consider to be this year’s coolest cryotherapy stories. 10. Todd Sampson’s Body Hack: Cryotherapy This unaired extra shows Australian bio-hacker, Todd Sampson, enjoying the chill of cryotherapy for the very first time. The video is intense, informative, and it makes you want to get your cryo on! 9. Train Like

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What Can Cryo Do For You?

Whole body cryotherapy is quickly becoming the coolest (literally- sessions range from -130 degrees Fahrenheit to -184 degrees Fahrenheit) wellness trend out there. Celebrities (like Lauren Graham and Mario Lopez), professional athletes (including Dak Prescott), and everyone in between is embracing the chill. Retail shops that offer cryotherapy and other wellness modalities are popping up all

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