Introducing Cryotherapy into your Spa’s Services

Clients frequent spas to help maintain healthy skin but also to practice self-care and achieve relaxation and rejuvenation. With that increasing crossover has come the emergence of cryotherapy in the spa setting. In its rise in popularity, cryotherapy has been primarily utilized by the athletic community to aid in muscle recovery, however, it can also make for

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5 Things You Need To Know About Purchasing A Cryosauna

So, you’re interested in bringing cryotherapy to your business.  What you probably don’t know are the questions you need to consider before purchasing a cryo machine. From marketing assistance to helpful set-up tools and strategies, there are a number of things you need to know before you start your cryotherapy project.  Here are the questions — and

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3 Big Reasons Cryotherapy Is Good for You During Winter

Brrr…it’s getting pretty cold out there! If you’re a cryotherapy user, you probably think that this time of year is a good one to put the brakes on your cryotherapy sessions, but the opposite is actually true: Cryotherapy throughout the winter months can actually be one of the most effective times of the year to

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Cryotherapy: How to Generate Revenue in a Closet-Sized Space

Bigger space, more clients. Right? Not necessarily. From chiropractic offices and physical therapy practices to any business in the health and wellness space, cryotherapy can compliment any health and wellness routine, making it attractive to businesses who are looking to drive additional revenue and upsell their offerings. And the best part? Businesses don’t have to

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