Powered By Impact: Four Athletes Who Love Cryo

It’s no secret that athletes and weekend warriors love whole body cold therapy! Whole body cryotherapy is similar to your traditional ice bath but it’s less painful AND takes half the time – maybe that’s why these four professional athletes have been seen frequenting the Impact Cryotherapy cryosauna. 1.       James Shields This Chicago White Sox pitcher

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Cryo Fact vs. Cryo Fiction

What is Cryotherapy: Let’s Get a Few Things Straight What is cryotherapy – and is it safe? Yes, whole body cryotherapy is safe. Don’t be fooled by claims that state whole body cryotherapy is a liquid nitrogen bath – because it is not. The fact is, cryotherapy participants are cooled by nitrogen vapor that surrounds the

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Whole Body Cryotherapy or an Ice Bath – Which Would you Prefer?

Cryotherapy vs. Ice Bath – Which one is right for you? Cryotherapy vs. ice bath is a topic we hear people talk about…a lot. Below we cover some key differences between whole body cryotherapy and an ice bath so you can make the choice for yourself: An Impact Cryotherapy cryo session is 3-minute long experience

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