Recovery: A Financial Opportunity For Gyms

The health and wellness industry has gone through an incredible reset recently, transitioning to centralize around one thing: post-workout recovery. Gone are the days of tanning beds filling up every corner of gyms and wellness centers — which is a good thing since studies show that tanning can increase your risk for skin cancer by

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3 Steps to Complete Before You Finance Your Cryotherapy Machine

So you’re ready to dive into the business of cryotherapy with an Impact Cryotherapy machine — what are the next steps? After the initial research phase, you’re probably thinking your next steps are to meet with a lender, but there a few things to check out before you sign on the dotted line. Ready to get started? Find

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4 Impact Cryotherapy Service Offerings You’ll Want To Know About

When it comes to providing great service, we believe in one simple rule: Go above and beyond for happy customers. That’s exactly why each of our Impact Cryotherapy machines comes with more than just a how-to manual: Our clients get the full support of the Impact Cryotherapy team to help with everything from installation, training,

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How to Launch a Cryotherapy Business in 30 days

You’ve done your research, you’ve tried it out yourself, and now you’ve made a revolutionary decision: You’re going to bring cryotherapy to your clients. With cryotherapy rising as one of the leading new modalities in the world of fitness and wellness, it’s a great time to be getting involved with the cold therapy technique that’s

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