Will Cryotherapy Affect my Workout Regimen?

Cryotherapy will not affect your workout schedule! You can go about your daily routine before and after a whole body cryotherapy session. Participants who use cryo after exercise claim they experience faster rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory benefits. Those who workout after sessions report increased energy, endurance, and flexibility during exercise. “I usually do cryotherapy before my

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Breaking Down the Benefits of Cryotherapy for Athletes

According to Webster, an athlete is “a person trained or skilled in exercise, sports or games requiring physical strength, agility or stamina.” With sports reaching unprecedented levels of intensity, today’s athletes are training harder than ever, pushing their bodies to the edge of their physical limits to win and reach their goals. To sustain their

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Warming Up to Cryotherapy

.A Business Owner’s Insight into the Cold Therapy Industry Meet Madeline Lovell – Impact Cryotherapy customer and co-owner of Celsius Cryotherapy.  Madeline is a young entrepreneur with a strong passion for fitness and wellness. She leads the Celsius Cryotherapy team in St. Louis and helps oversee Celsius’ additional location in Seattle. We spent some time

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How Long is a Cryotherapy Session?

Unlike other therapeutic and wellness services, cryotherapy sessions are not a time-consuming experience. Cryotherapy sessions are a maximum of 3-minutes long, however, most first-time cryo users choose to chill out for 2-minutes as they build up their tolerance to the cold. Many active individuals and busy-bodies prefer to use cryotherapy as their main recovery modality

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