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Kathleen Lloyd, CPA

With more than 25 years of accounting experience, Kathleen Lloyd was ready for a lifestyle change. That her work history has a heavy focus on small startups made joining Impact Cryotherapy an easy decision.

Kathleen was first introduced to idea of cold therapy for pain and recovery by her triathlete husband. After learning more about cryotherapy and its possible benefits, she was eager to chat with Richard and Bob, both of whom she’d worked with previously. The unique sales cycle, (“We can sell a cryosauna in as little as one day! For a by-the-numbers person that is both frightening and completely invigorating.”) and the vibrant, fast-paced environment sealed the deal.

As she builds out the HR functions for the company, champions the benefits package, and streamlines the sales model, Kathleen’s drive to take on another startup becomes obvious. She explains, “Startups provide the ability to make changes — and see the results — I crave that feedback and flexibility.”

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Impact Cryotherapy

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