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Robert T. Atwood

“I’ve retired five times.”

Now respectfully tagged as a genuine workaholic, Robert (Bob) Atwood recounts his storied professional career which includes 28 years with Deloitte — where he led the benchmarking study of US banking supervision after America’s first $1B bank failure, and launched Deloitte’s National Affairs Office in Washington, D.C. — and 10 years as CFO of First Union Corporation where he led industry-changing mergers. Then there’s the half-dozen ventures he and Richard Otto have taken on together in the health related sectors.

“Whatever I do has to be a learning opportunity.” Currently, Bob is fueling his insatiable curiosity with a maniacal focus on building significant valuation and industry influence for Impact Cryotherapy. As for why he’s working on yet another career with a bunch of young ‘uns, he says “There’s a psychological reward to offering mentorship to our bright and passionate team-members, but it’s a return on investment, too. They bring an energy and enthusiasm to the company that’s crucial for keeping us relevant in today’s society.”

Bob credits the unique business story of Impact Cryotherapy to being an American company manufacturing and selling cryosaunas. The ability to use social media to reach broad audiences, to sell quality equipment and provide accessible and timely service and support activities which mitigate external risks is a win-win for the company and the customers — and it’s put Impact on a radical growth trajectory.

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