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Atlanta Journal article: Georgia Tech using Impact Cryotherapy as their secret weapon to accelerated recovery

By Ken Sugiura: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution —

As players head into week 15, legs are heavy, bodies are sore and bruises have accumulated. To repair the Yellow Jackets, the athletic department has enlisted technological help from Atlanta-based Impact Cryotherapy, which is the leading U.S. company manufacturing what are known as cryotherapy chambers.

“It’s pretty much like an ice tub, except it gets your whole body,” Georgia Tech cornerback D.J. White said. “It really helps me recover and get back well for the games because the season is a grind, as we all know. Trying to get your body back right is key, so that helps me do that.” Tech sports medicine director Jay Shoop adds, “The kids say they feel refreshed and they don’t have leg soreness.”

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