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Spa Treatments: Cooler, Faster, Higher-Tech

October 8, 2016 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

ATLANTA- (DGI Wire)- What does the future of spa treatments look like? A whirlwind of innovations is transforming the traditional spa experience into something cooler (literally), faster and higher-tech than what was ever available to customers before.

For example, Vogue recently reported on a new wave of cooling skin care products, such as “freeze facials,” which produce a chilling effect as they aim to tighten up the pores. Meanwhile, as reported in Spafinder, there is growing recognition that a traditional 50-minute treatment no longer fits the needs of today’s busy and rushed consumers; a new trend in express treatments speaks to the need to cater to our 24/7-connected culture. And W magazine has reported that spas are increasingly turning to high-tech treatments that are designed to leave customers feeling energized and invigorated.

As it turns out, there is one form of spa treatment that combines all these desirable traits and is worth seeking out at a local spa: whole body cryotherapy. Quickly growing in popularity, cryotherapy is the practice of using cold temperatures to promote healing and wellness. With whole body cryotherapy, an individual enters a cryosauna that fills with nitrogen vapor to create extremely cold temperatures. The best part of cryotherapy is that a session takes only three minutes. It is a refreshing complement to a massage or an alternative to a cold plunge. People can further enhance their spa experience by following a cryotherapy session with a steam, hot sauna or whirlpool.

“Whole body cryotherapy is transforming the typical spa treatment for regulars and one-time visitors alike,” says Ella Stimpson, a nationally recognized spa and resort expert who currently serves as the Director of Spa, Fitness and Racquet Sports at Sea Island Resort in Georgia. “At Sea Island, many of our guests are visiting with friends or family and they find cryotherapy a perfect complement to a day of tennis, yoga and massage: play, relax, invigorate and repair. Our staff is able to provide a state-of-the-art cryo experience thanks to Impact Cryotherapy, which manufactures the cryosauna, offers technical support and has implemented a set of operating features that ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.”

Impact Cryotherapy’s octagon-shaped whole body cryosauna fills with nitrogen vapor and drops the ambient temperature inside to a range of -90°C (-130°F) to -120°C

(-184°F). This creates a temporary dry chill that surrounds an individual’s body. To date, Impact Cryotherapy has sold more than 200 units to spas and resorts; pro sports teams in major national football, basketball, hockey and baseball leagues; physical therapy facilities; health clubs and trainers; retail locations in 38 states and more than a half-dozen major markets worldwide.

“Everyone owes it to themselves to make cryotherapy part of their routine,” adds Stimpson. “The innovative use of cold temperatures, economic use of time, high-tech innovations and invigorating effect all combine to make it an unbeatable feature of the spa experience today.”

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