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Sub Zero Temperatures Transform Wellness in Soho

January 2016 – Drive495 becomes one of few locations to offer the latest cold therapy technology

With wellness expert, Don Saladino at the helm of one of New York’s only cryotherapy chambers, people in Soho are submitting themselves to sub zero temperatures – – and it’s making them feel better.

Cryotherapy is a cold therapy modality where users stand in a chamber filled with nitrogen vapor which drops to temperatures between (minus) -110 degrees C to -130 degrees C. The goal? To feel better, look better and perform better. This three minute treatment (available at Drive495, a training facility in downtown Manhattan) is known to decrease muscle soreness, boost energy, improve mood, increase endorphin levels, aid in weight loss, relieve joint disorders, improve sleep and much more.

“Our job at Drive495 is to add value to everyone’s lifestyle; to give everyone an added edge in not only sport, but life,” said Don Saladino, a nationally recognized fitness expert who is the owner of Drive495. “After using cryotherapy, my recovery improved drastically, my energy went through the roof and my sleep improved. I felt like I could repeat activities day in and day out with much more ease.”

With so much promise, it’s no wonder that cryotherapy is becoming the loudest buzz in the health and wellness industry. Its popularity sparked the moment media giants such as Floyd Mayweather, Lindsay Lohan, and Demi Moore stepped into the cold not long ago.

And it doesn’t stop there. As a gym with a reputation to strive for the best, Drive495 has taken on the world’s most technologically advanced cryotherapy system from Impact Cryotherapy. Atlanta-based Impact Cryotherapy is the U.S. leader in designing and manufacturing whole body cryotherapy systems. “We are delighted to partner with Drive495 in bringing Impact Cryotherapy to New York City,” said Richard E. Otto, Impact Cryotherapy Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder. “New York is a city filled with energy and people who value fitness and wellness. Drive495 is a leader in focused fitness and has merged the latest training techniques with the best recovery technology.” Drive495 is located at 495 Broadway, 2nd Fl in New York, NY.

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