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Two Impact Cryotherapy Cryosaunas are Better Than One for West Virginia University Student-Athletes

Atlanta, GA, October 3, 2017 (Business Wire)– Due to high demand and the need to be efficient with student-athletes’ time, West Virginia University (WVU) recently installed two cryosaunas, manufactured and distributed by Impact Cryotherapy, the U.S. leader in state of the art whole body cryotherapy equipment.

“As a strength coach, I’m always trying to exhaust every resource to find the best way to train, prepare and recover my athletes daily,” said Michael Joseph, Director, Strength Conditioning, WVU. “We demand a lot out of our student-athletes. Cryotherapy is a great resource to support our goals of maximizing performance and wellness.”

“We work with many NCAA sports programs who see the importance of cryotherapy as an advanced wellness experience,” said Richard Otto, CEO of Impact Cryotherapy. “Directly working with WVU to install and support two units, and train staff, further demonstrates the importance of Impact cryosaunas for whole body cryotherapy at this level of sports and fitness.”

Cryotherapy is a cold therapy modality where users stand for three minutes in a cryosauna filled with nitrogen vapor that drops to temperatures between -90°C to -120°C. This technology provides many benefits related to athletic recovery and overall wellness. Elite athletes world-wide utilize whole body cryotherapy as a critical component of their training programs.

“I chose Impact Cryotherapy because of the quality and reputation of the company and the people I interacted with in the process,” said Joseph. “I feel Impact is the highest quality on the market.”

Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy is the leading whole body cryotherapy company in the U.S. by featuring product innovation, safety features, advanced technology, operational efficiency and uncompromising service and support, combined with the growing popularity of whole body cryotherapy. Impact equipment is made in St. Louis, Mo. and used nationally and internationally by a wide range of professional and university sports teams, training and fitness facilities and wellness entrepreneurs.


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