Rapid Reboot Compression

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Be ready for your moment with the most advanced, customizable compression therapy in the world.

Enable every athlete to get better every day through uncompromising innovation, elite recovery technology, and unbeatable team support.

Rapid Recovery

Accelerate recovery, prevent injury, and improve performance with our scientifically proven, FDA-cleared compression technology.

The compression systems mimic and aid the body’s natural biomechanics to:

Improve Bloodflow for faster recovery •
Reduce Pain and soreness •
Increase Flexibility and range of motion •
Maximize muscle performance •

Rapid Reboot that means premium quality, industry-best customization, and unrivaled service from our support team.

Rapid Reboot Attachments

Leg Attachment

Feet, ankles, calves, knees, hamstrings and quads.

Arm Attachment

Hands/wrists, biceps, triceps, rotator cuffs, lats, and base of neck.

Hip Attachment

Quads, hamstrings, IT Bands, glutes, and lower back.

Grow your practice, increase client satisfaction, and reduce your patients’ muscle pain and swelling with Rapid Reboot System.

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