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Impact Cryotherapy is the only cryosauna manufacture to provider annual machine operation and safety certifications.


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Sport teams, fitness facilities, physical therapists, chiropractors, spas and wellness centers.


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Dr. David Lipman - D.C., Cryo Suite

"The Impact Cryotherapy machine offers the biggest mass of cooled air that uniformly cools the body while maintaining cold temperatures for the duration of the session. For me, Impact's cryo chamber offers the best effect and therefore, the best client experience."

Nick Kenney - Head Athletic Trainer, Kansas City Royals

"We looked at quite a few [cryo machine]companies and there was just a comfort factor with [Impact]. The machine is second-to-none and the customer service is truly exceptional"

Dr. Larry Benson - Owner, Cap City Cryo

"Impact Cryotherapy is the best in the business!”

Todd Headley - Owner, RecoverME Cryotherapy

"As a previous customer of a different cryotherapy machine, I am a delighted owner of the Impact machine. This is for several reasons, one of them being the efficiency of the unit when it comes to nitrogen usage, no down time for drying but My FAVORITE part of the Impact team is the ease of communication from marketing all the way to technical support!”