3 Big Reasons Cryotherapy Is Good for You During Winter

Brrr…it’s getting pretty cold out there!

If you’re a cryotherapy user, you probably think that this time of year is a good one to put the brakes on your cryotherapy sessions, but the opposite is actually true: Cryotherapy throughout the winter months can actually be one of the most effective times of the year to make sure you’re keeping up with your sessions — or even get started with cryotherapy for the first time.

From boosting your energy to helping you ward off the seasonal colds that are always prevalent during the winter, here are the top three reasons you should double down on your cryotherapy sessions from October to March.

1. Cryotherapy can be a way to fight seasonal depression.

With the shorter, colder days right about now, it’s easy to fall into the clutches of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  While some people are convinced that there is a connection between the darker days and the disorder, Dr. David Kerr, an associate professor of psychology at Oregan State University, says the research is inconclusive.

Instead, Kerr’s extensive research states that there is a link between our modern lifestyles evolving faster than our genetic makeup and suggests that the reason you feel tired all winter has to do with the fact that your body is genetically wired to save energy during these colder, darker months. For those of you who spend most of your days in the office, this is great news, because you don’t need sunshine to feel better. Instead, you need something that shocks your body into an energy-burning mode.

One of the biggest fixes for shocking your body into Energizer bunny efficiency? Getting your endorphins going with an energy boost — which is one of the top reported reasons users do cryotherapy. Outside of potentially helping with inflammation relief, athletic recovery, and pain relief, a session in a cryosauna could also incredibly beneficial for boosting the generate of endorphins. And with more endorphins, you can kiss those winter blues away!

2. Cold therapy can also help ward off winter colds.

The past few flu seasons have been particularly harsh, and this year is not shaping up to be any different. While it may seem counterintuitive to drop into a tank of freezing temperatures to improve your health — a cryosauna is nothing like rolling around in the snow or walking around outside without the proper clothes.

As a beneficial addition to any healthy lifestyle, cryotherapy may actually help users stay on track with immune-boosting habits during flu season by helping fight chronic aches and lower overall stress. In addition to the reported feelings of energy, cryotherapy has also been reported to provide pain relief, which has a positive effect on the body’s stress levels. And when a body is more at ease, the body’s ability to fight off illness and disease increases. Sounds like a win-win situation, right?

3. Worried about keeping up with your holiday wellness goals? Cryo can be an easy way to stay in control.

It’s hard to stay on track with your health goals in the winter — we get it. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in swift succession one right after the other, it can be difficult to maintain a firm handle on your wellness goals. Add on top of that the endless parties and shopping lists that pile up around this time each year, and you’ve got a perfect storm for not keeping up with your healthy habits.

Requiring less than five minutes per session, cryotherapy is one habit that is easy to keep track of. Just commit to three minutes a few times a week, and you can enjoy a range of benefits that promote natural healing and wellness across the board.

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