The health and wellness industry has gone through an incredible reset recently, transitioning to centralize around one thing: post-workout recovery.

Gone are the days of tanning beds filling up every corner of gyms and wellness centers — which is a good thing since studies show that tanning can increase your risk for skin cancer by 75% if you start before the age of 35. But that’s not the only bad thing about tanning beds — there’s also the investment consideration. Gyms who invested in these uber-popular machines now have either useless technology that harms their clients or unused space where they would traditionally have been generating additional revenue.

What’s the fix? Implementing services that provide rejuvenating wellness experiences – like whole body cryotherapy. Cryotherapy will have users raving (just ask these celebs) and can be a smart move for your business. Here are a few ways that a whole body cryotherapy system can work for you: 

1. Keep your clients in-house.

We know that clients are already interested in technology like cryotherapy. With top athletes like Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather as obsessed with whole body cryotherapy as celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba, the public is already flocking to discover the latest in wellness. What better way to keep your clients in your space for longer than offering the latest trends in the industry? With the interest already there, you can just walk your clients to another room of your business, and enjoy the benefits of your clients spending additional time and money in-house.

2. Upsell memberships.

Nothing helps sell memberships like VIP perks. Recovery opportunities like cryotherapy are an excellent way to provide elite and exclusive services that entice your customer base to go up a level in membership. Whether the option is to give clients access to the recovery machines for a limited time or give them full access to the services whenever they want, offering these additional services is a great way to increase your revenue.

3. Provide extra customer service.

As consumers are inundated with options in the fitness and wellness worlds, providing extra customer service comes at the cost of finding the latest and most sophisticated treatments available. Though an active trend in Europe since the 1980s, cryotherapy as a post-workout recovery and overall wellness supplement is still fairly new to the U.S., but definitely in demand. By offering cryotherapy, along with additional recovery treatments, gyms can provide the ultimate customer service experience for those interested in the latest in health and wellness treatments.

4. Optimize your space.

With tanning beds out of fashion, gym, and wellness center owners are at a crossroads: either they’re looking to replace their cumbersome machinery because of the health risks, or they already have and are currently losing revenue on empty space.  That’s the great thing about Impact Cryotherapy cryosaunas — they fit into any 10X10 space. Whether you’ve got an empty closet, an unused office, or extra space in the gym, we can outfit your space with an Impact Cryotherapy machine.

5. Differentiate yourself from the competition.

Nothing generates new clients like offering a unique service that isn’t offered anywhere else. As the only cryotherapy system manufactured and supported in the United States, Impact Cryotherapy cryosaunas provide businesses and users an exclusive experience handmade on U.S. soil. Since we’re made domestically, there’s no need to wait weeks to get started generating a profit — our machines can be delivered and set-up within ten days of purchasing. Plus, we offer ongoing, expert support for you as well as in-person, on-location training for you and your staff so you can provide your clients with the best cryotherapy experience.

Ready to get started offering exclusive treatments to your clients to improve their fitness and wellness? Get in touch with our cryotherapy experts today to get started with an Impact cryosauna and our additional partner technologies.