Cryotherapy for Spas: Revitalize Your Services with the Evolution of Cold Therapy

“At Ponte Vedra, we’re always looking into new and upcoming things and they definitely saw cryotherapy as being that type of opportunity. Our Impact cryosauna has definitely helped grow our business and given our current clientele another reason to enjoy the spa.”
–  Melissa Deese, Spa Director, Ponte Vedra Inn + Club

Cryotherapy for spas is becoming more commonplace as cryo makes waves through the wellness industry. The addition of an Impact cryosauna to your spa business will empower expansion and innovation; providing you and your team with the most effective tools to provide relaxation and rejuvenation.

Does Your Spa Qualify?

Clients Utilizing Cryotherapy at World-class Spas

Bridging the Gap Between Spa + Fitness; Cold Therapy – Powered by Impact

Enhance the body’s natural healing process — in just 3 minutes.

An invigorating, three-minute cryotherapy session promotes tangible, natural healing. Using cold temperatures to support natural wellness, Impact Cryosaunas provide whole body cryotherapy as a fast and effective alternative to traditional ice baths – creating the rejuvenating cold therapy experience that your spa and fitness clientele seek.

Get the Cold, Hard Facts

“Most people come to the Sea Island Resort to train in our fitness center. We had Impact install our cryosauna so it would be a natural conversation between our guests and members and our trainers in the course of getting better or recovering from injury. People see it and our trainers talk about it either before a workout or after a workout. It’s been a great addition.”
-Ella Kent, Spa Director, Sea Island Resort and Spa


Tune into the Cool Cast as Impact Cryotherapy chats with teams from Sea Island and Ponte Vedra to discuss how offering cryotherapy to their members and guests helps grow their business.

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