The Impact Advantage

Our Customer Operations Team embodies the Impact commitment to provide you with unsurpassed, end-to-end support and access to a variety of specialized services and activities.

You can quickly and easily connect with the specialized resource you need. And know that the entire resource base is ready to provide additional input and value to assist as you build your business.

Impact Cryotherapy

Installation and Training

For installation and initial training, plus post-install training, we offer an industry-leading “Whole Body Cryotherapy Operator Training: Safety is Essential” training program.Watch Button 2

Impact Cryotherapy

Client Service Coordinator

As an Impact customer, our Client Service Coordinator prepares you for installation and build-out – issues, addressing cryosauna specifications, space dimensions, ventilation requirements and marketing support. This role connects corporate activities with Impact customers.Watch Button 2

Impact Cryotherapy

Nitrogen Gas Relations

A dedicated and tenured Director of Nitrogen Gas Relations advocates for customers with their gas company. He addresses issues from build-out requirements regarding Compressed Gas Association (CGA) or Fire Code, to specialized manufactured gas tanks and/or microbulk systems.
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Impact Cryotherapy

Service & Support

Should an issue arise, a service and support team provides unmatched expertise to make sure Impact’s equipment meets the high performance that’s expected.
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Impact Cryotherapy


A new role with a seasoned marketing leader has been added to help both pre- and post-install assistance on cryotherapy initiatives, brand and promotional strategies and website development. An experienced cryotherapy social media marketing resource includes the roll out of a new customer network to exchange ideas.
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Impact Cryotherapy
  • Impact responded to my after hours inquiry within 3 minutes–on a Friday night. The VP of Business Development spent 30 minutes on the phone, listening to my situation (compromised business due to another vendor)

    - Todd P., Champion Cryotherapy
  • Wanted to take a quick moment to thank all of the wonderful employees at Impact. My Cryotherapy clinic in Birmingham, Michigan has been opened for a few months now and everything has gone better than we could have ever envisioned and it is thanks to all of you…

    - Dr. AJ N., Cryobalance
  • …I know the importance of service and your team constantly amazed me with the organization, service, and always being on top of everything. It’s important that your service doesn’t go unnoticed as there are very few places that exceeds expectations of great service which yours clearly did. Thank you!

    - Dr. AJ N., Cryobalance
  • Teamwork and engineering expertise: The VP of Business Development pulled in an engineering project manager, to make sure their team could meet my City’s ridiculously stringent requirements, to the point of conference-calling the City reviewers/inspectors to fully understand their requirements, shared Impact’s superior designed cryosauna, and worked through any permit/inspection issues up front.

    - Todd P., Champion Cryotherapy
  • Quick Shipment: Whereas I would have (and did) wait months for a UL unit from another vendor, Impact installed my unit just 4 days after order!

    - Todd P., Champion Cryotherapy
  • The only thing better than the ease of use, safety and efficacy of the equipment is working with the company. The knowledge of everyone from the sales people, to service techs to the trainers is exceptional, and any service calls are handled quickly and efficiently with a friendly attitude.

    - Dr. Shauna Young, Durango Cryotherapy
  • Training: Comprehensive, effective, efficient, patient and hands-on. Completely professional in their training design and delivery.

    - Todd P., Champion Cryotherapy
  • I can’t say enough about the excellent service we have received since our purchase. We opened in December and have generated significant revenue in our first seven months with a strong client base and a vision of sustainable growth that I see every day.

    - Ashley E., Glacial Cryotherapy
  • Post-installation responsiveness: My wonderful City continues to ask for additional information, features, etc–even though we had thought we covered all requirements up front. Impact has been real-time available, responsive and effective in resolving those City questions/demands…

    - Todd P., Champion Cryotherapy
  • Impact is a class act.

    - Steve V., Valley CryoSport
  • Character/integrity: I’d work with/for this organization if I were not an entrepreneur. The best testimony I can give is simply, I will be buying more from them.

    - Todd P., Champion Cryotherapy
  • I wanted to thank the service team for their impromptu road trip to Raleigh, NC to fix my Impact machine. From the beginning of my business venture I was confident in my Impact machine and Impact’s employees. Mr. Otto, this is a testament that putting the right people in the right environment, as well as standing behind your product no matter what has solidified 10 times more my confidence in Impact!


    - Kyle K., CryoNC
  • Thanks, [Impact] did a great job all around. As this is a new thing for me totally different from my career of 40+ years…  your explanation of everything and the fact you never talked down to anyone is much, much so much appreciated.

    - Dan G., Badger Cryotherapy
  • Smooth and quick transition of our unit to a different room by Impact yesterday. Thanks guys!

    - Heather Mitchell Lancaster, ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas
  • I truly don’t know where we would be without this outstanding equipment and team! Much love for Impact Cryotherapy!

    - Lauren Bradshaw, CryoCountry
  • Take it from a young entrepreneur “26 years old” impact cryo is a company built on customer satisfaction and genuine relationships. They operate in true transparency at all times.

    - Robert Garza, Lonestar Cryotherapy
  • The industry leading quality of the equipment, the thorough training you have provided, your attention to being the vanguard of technological and safety innovation, and the constant follow up have made a huge positive difference for us.

    - Bryan Prewitt, Cryology

The Impact Difference

Impact Cryotherapy is a team of American entrepreneurs dedicated to building the equipment — and business opportunities — that have pioneered a new lifestyle of whole body wellness. We believe in manufacturing quality equipment in the USA and backing it with an elite support team. We believe in a culture that demands a commitment to safety, excellence and wellness that we are proud to deliver.

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