Whole body cryotherapy is transforming the world of wellness and post-workout recovery. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, celebs, and everyday people are loving how they feel after just 3-minutes in the cryo machine. But cryotherapy doesn’t just benefit consumers, it benefits businesses as well.

Cryotherapy allows you as a business owner to produce revenue with every 3-minute session. If you’re considering adding whole body cold therapy to your gym, chiropractic practice or spa – or starting a new brick-and-mortar cryo facility, take advantage of these cryo business building tips!

Do Your Research
When shopping for a cryotherapy machine for your business, it’s important to research all cryosauna distributors and manufacturers to fully understand their products and service offerings.

Take advantage of our Cryotherapy Machine Buyer’s Guide when screening cryo machine providers – it’ll equip you with the right questions to ask vendors when conducting your research.

Test Drive the Equipment Before You Buy
Not all cryotherapy systems are alike. As a business owner, you want to be sure that you’re providing safe, comfortable, consistent, and cold cryotherapy sessions. It’s crucial that the cryotherapy machine you purchase delivers an experience that meets the standards of your business.

We invite you to experience the Impact Cryotherapy machine – use our cryosauna locator to find a location near you!

Location, Location, Location
Gym owners, chiropractors, physical therapists, and business owners with existing space simply need a 10×10 area for the cryotherapy machine – new business owners, however, need to find the right location for their store.

So what classifies a space as the right location for a new cryo business? It’s important to choose an area that has existing fitness businesses surrounding it, gets a high volume of foot traffic and has ample parking.

Have questions about the location you’re considering for your new biz? Feel free to reach out to our team of cryo experts.

Build a Strong Team
Cryo is cool, people are going to come to try it out – but what do you once people come through your door? Sell. You need to hire go-getters who are excited about your service and are eager to sell packages and memberships.

Enhance Your Offerings by Including Additional Wellness + Recovery Modalities
Having add-on services at your location can help you and your team upsell. NormaTec Compression Therapy and Celluma LED light therapy systems are affordable products that complement whole body cryotherapy.

Need additional resources and tips? Connect with our team! And remember, as an Impact Customer, you are not alone in building your business. We provide all customers access to comprehensive support staff at every phase of service from installation and setup to on-site training.