Our cryo spa business is located in northeast Jackson, MS. This is a brand-new business for us that we will eventually pair with a yoga studio since there are strong synergies between the two offerings.

Tell me about your goals/vision for your business.

Our primary goal is to offer a natural alternative to medicine and traditional methods for our community. We’re fans of modern medicine, but the body has an amazing ability to heal itself if stimulated properly and fueled with the best sources of energy. We will offer cutting-edge recovery methods and wellness at a reasonable price without devaluing the therapy. People in our community should have access to this therapy without a professional athlete or celebrity income.

Why the decision to add cryotherapy?

We have always been passionate about being healthy and living well. If you take care of your body, you can live a high-quality life. It saddens us that every illness or soreness a person experiences in this country is almost immediately medicated. We strive to be the source of education and wellness and bring light can heal your body, without overmedicating it, to feel better and live your best life.

Why did you decide to partner with Impact Cryotherapy?

When we decided to offer whole body cryotherapy, we started doing research. We looked at a lot of options and talked to everyone. The reviews on the Impact model, the safety, the efficiency, and the fact it’s made in the U.S., solidified our decision to go with them. Also, Impact partners with Airgas as their premier gas supplier. I work for Airgas, so there is a level of comfort there for me. I have a safe, reliable source of nitrogen with some control on the supply side.

How has cryotherapy been received by customers?

We’re not the only business in our area offering cryotherapy. Some customers are familiar with it, but surprisingly, our market doesn’t know much about cryotherapy. The reception so far has been very positive. Slowly, we are building our customer base and spreading the word. We’re in a very small market, so I don’t think our business has been as brisk as it might be in a larger metro area. However, we’re determined to change that in a city that has a large community of cyclists, runners, cross-fitters and triathletes. We love that we found it!

How do you promote the cryotherapy?

We currently promote via Facebook paid ads, organic posts and old-fashioned guerilla marketing. We contacted nearby fitness clubs, cross-fit gyms, bike shops, running shops, schools, etc. to tap into the athletic community. We’re also going after referrals from orthopedic surgeons, clinics, chiropractors and massage therapists.

There are special pricing plans for student athletes and fitness communities and we’re considering Groupon. Eventually, we seek to sponsor athletic events since cryotherapy will speak for itself once people experience the benefits.

Why do your clients utilize cryotherapy?

Our clientele includes those suffering from chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia and symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease, those looking to supplement weight loss efforts as well as overall wellness. The athletes are runners, cyclists, triathletes, martial artists, soccer players, baseball players and swimmers. We plan to build a base through referrals too.